The brand, now showcases elegant & modular kitchen designs in collaboration with Arredo3, one of largest kitchen manufacturers in Italy. Each of them offered in 150 colors, customers can have a glance at several designs at the brand’s recently inaugurated Abu Dhabi showroom as well as its primer showroom in Dubai. The kitchen showcase having its own dedicated spaces within the showrooms, its designs comprise of Modern, Classic & Contemporary styles to masterfully blend with the design language of the properties and yet stand out in terms of its top-notch quality of the materials & meticulous craftsmanship.

And that’s not all! Further spoiling customers for choices, the brand offers the modern styled material range in matte, gloss & high-gloss finishes while the contemporary styled materials have finishes comprising of high-resolution wooden finishes with laminates and veneers crafted from natural layers of tree bark and the classic styled material range offer a plethora of solid wood frames to choose from and vintage handles accentuate the look. With the finest Italian designs and high-quality German mechanisms, these units are sustainably manufactured in Italy after finalization of the outlay and are paired with a ten-year warranty, promising durability and the best of form & function. These bespoke designs and layouts, all of which combine elegance and design intelligence to set the latest trends, can be fully customized to match every taste, need, and budget by the brand’s specialized kitchen consultants once they have curiously noted customers’ every desire.


Every individual is unique and so is a Casa Milano kitchens. Discover which Casa Milano range suits your personal style.

Dubai kitchensDubai kitchens

Classic Kitchen

Life should be fascinating, so should your kitchen!

Everything has a place where it fits well. The kitchen is a space built for comfort and connection. A minimalist kitchen is something that appeals to the eye while enhancing the overall decor. The finest Italian designs from the Casa Milano kitchen series provide custom-made solutions manifesting ideas and passions. The Classic Kitchen collection from Casa Milano combines elegance and gives a fresh start to your home. Carving the space with the perfect functional layout, Classic Kitchen from Casa Milano helps to meet your needs with style.


A beautiful Kitchen environment is life changing!

Renovating the kitchen without compromising on functionality is a blissful secret that Casa Milano carries with its Modern Kitchen Collection. Stripped down to its essence, the luxurious style of the kitchen depends on modern functionality with classic minimalism. The distinctive character of any kitchen should be uplifted the right way. Casa Milano Modern Kitchen Collection accentuates the look with perfect finishing and carefully selected color palettes creating the apt atmosphere of serenity and happiness.

Dubai kitchen showroomDubai kitchen showroom
Dubai kitchensDubai kitchens


A Kitchen is a perfect gift of happiness!

The key to inspiring kitchen spaces is most of the time the combination of modern and classic elements defining the style to its core. The masterful detailing and design intelligence of Casa Milano Modern Classic Kitchen Collection is seen with its high-resolution wooden finishing and the contrasting patterns it shares. Crafting your idea of love into the best you deserve, the materials come from the natural layers of the tree bark making Casa Milano the perfect architect of your life.


A kitchen is fuel to everyone’s life, making everyday extraordinary!

Make it more than just the kitchen, with a modern approach along with a classic vibe. Casa Milano Contemporary Kitchen Solution with its impressive designs relying on modern functionality works with the best quality materials that speak the language of meticulous craftsmanship. Incorporating warm accents to any kitchen, the Contemporary Collection shares an experience making it a cohesive space with an exquisite level of beauty.

Dubai kitchensDubai kitchens


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