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Dubai kitchensDubai kitchens

Unique craftsmanship

Each of the FB+ Design Parquet, FB+ Wide Plank Flooring and FB+ Prestige Wide Plank XXL stands for unique craftsmanship. Our complete product range is characterized by the craft of skilled professionals who combine knowledge and expertise into beautiful end products. Each plank is unique and has a robust appearance with an authentic character.

Inhouse supply chain

From sawmill to final product, FB Hout controls the entire supply chain. That is why we have full control over the production process. We are guaranteed to produce and distribute the most sustainable, exclusive and high-quality wooden floors. In addition, you are assured of customization, short delivery times and the highest level of quality. This way you can optimally serve your customers with sublime products.

Dubai kitchensDubai kitchens


Wide Plank

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