Discover What's WOW - Fir Italia Shower Head

Discover What's WOW - Fir Italia Shower Head

Hop into harmony- It’s Wednesday!

Jumping in a shower to start your Wednesday, can elevate your mood. A stylish shower head placed in your bath space adds a chic touch with no effort. Cleanse yourself and bring forth the best of freshness, welcoming a bright day ahead! Giving your mood a complete makeover, FIR ITALIA SHOWER HEAD from CASA MILANO is all you need for a perfect sensational indulgence. Now get ready to pamper yourself with the Fir Italia and experience a new way of luxury.

Square up! It’s time to freshen up!

Made with passion and quality, the shimmer in the shower with the contemporary design from FIR ITALIA is making it truly a one-of-a-kind Shower Head that stands out from the rest. The fashionable square-shaped shower head and its timeless designs are made to fit any bathroom. Coming in 3 outstanding finishes, Brushed Stainless Steel, Royal Black, and Ravishing Gold this is truly a masterpiece add-on to your luxury living. A simple design that doesn’t complicate anything yet uplifts every aspect of your atmosphere. A design so exquisite and sleek can only make one awe as they gaze at the FIR ITALIA SHOWER HEAD.

Flamboyant and bold, bring out the most stylish version of yourself. A must-have this Wednesday is the masterpiece FIR ITALIA SHOWER HEAD.