Discover What's WOW - Maison Valentino Newton Bathtub

Discover What's WOW - Maison Valentino Newton Bathtub

A great piece of design work counts! 

To experience the pinnacle of luxury, a masterpiece of sensational indulgence is a powerplay. Giving your bathroom and your mood a complete makeover, the freestanding MAISON VALENTINA NEWTON WASHBASIN from CASA MILANO is a work of art and perfection. Transforming your bathroom into a luxury heaven, the perfect blend of neutral and bold colors will ace up the aesthetic appeal.

Minimalism is true expressionism!

From soft clean lines to minimalistic designs, MAISON VALENTINA NEWTON WASHBASIN defines a bath space the way it deserves to be. Bringing a sophisticated look the product gives an ultimate inspiration to your living. Look how little visual space this little bubbled-up washbasin takes up?

Designed on modern lines the graceful look gives an edge over contemporaries. No luxury bathroom is complete without a standout centerpiece bathtub. How are you creating your space devoted to luxurious opulence?