Discover What's WOW - Deknudt Scoop Mirrors

Discover What's WOW - Deknudt Scoop Mirrors

Reflect on the beauty of ideas!

 Make your Wednesday amazing like never before. Fall in love with your trusty companion every day. A mirror is a statement piece creating a sense of artistry on walls. Mirrors aren’t something that you follow every day to check on yourself before stepping out of the house, a mirror has the perfect power to transform your space. Translating this truly with two distinctive shapes, DEKNUDDT SCOOP MIRROR from CASA MILANO is a perfect choice for having a super cool living space. Designed by world-known designer Karim Rashid this piece is a must-have for any abode of quality.

Let mirrors spruce up the interiors of your abode!

Placed together as one with the walls, the DEKNUDT SCOOPY MIRROR from CASA MILANO gives out a casual vibe as much as a formal one with its Pink finish. Highlighting the sharp contrasts of playful colors the mirror is available in Blue, White along pink. The Scoop designs are the true reflections of Karim Rashid’s “Global love” an expression of what he calls the “Ego Art”.

Unroll the inspiration and get the right interior look as unique as you. Let us know, how are you creating your space devoted to luxurious opulence? #Wowwednesday