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Dazzle your house with Devon&Devon!

September 02, 2020 by Casamilano

Created in Florence, inspiring the world. Devon&Devon is an expression of taste that takes inspiration from the European tradition, art, and great quality raw materials. Their timeless designs are present in every product. Whether you pick a single tap or revamp your entire room, the signature Devon&Devon style is present and adds a distinct charm!

Excelsior Taps

Creating a contemporary style that harmonizes old European tradition and new American design. The Excelsior taps are created for showers, bathtubs, bidets, and basins. Each design is unique, whether it is the handle grooves, the jewel touch, or the colors used.

Add a nuanced touch to your washbasins with an Excelsior tap and clean your hands in style!

A single statement

Are you the person that wants a simple room with one statement piece? Then these bathtubs and vanities from Devon&Devon are a great choice. These works are inspired by harmonious shapes and simple colors and are a sheer expression of fine taste.

A specialty about the bathtubs is how each and every detail is marked to perfection. For instance, the legs of the bathtubs have different designs such as an aluminum leaf, eagle, princess, and so on. The bathtubs come in colors such as rose, blue, green, and adds allure to your room! With their unique leg designs and a variety of colors, these bathtubs are a perfect addition to your bathroom!

Another great addition are the vanities! They stand out because of their distinct shapes and impactful colors. One of the most popular vanities is Zelda. Inspired by the Great Gatsby, it combines pink and gold to create a feminine charm. Another unique style is the Jet set vanity. It evokes the sophisticated atmospheres with its rigorous geometric lines and the color combination of black and cream.

Revamp your entire room!

Even if you are looking to revamp your entire room, Devon&Devon is the right brand! Along with sanitaryware and accessories, it also offers flooring! Whether you want wood flooring for an au naturel look or marble tiles for a smooth finish, you can find it here.

The Intarsia wood flooring offers an amazing finish while the Prestige marble flooring gives you the feeling of being in a palace!

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