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Embrace Hope & Mark New Beginnings with Pantone Colors 2021

January 26, 2021 by Casamilano

Home is a shelter from all storms!

While staying indoors, optimism and courage have been the key to reshaping the new normal. Inspiration gives us the vigor to keep pace with the sentiments in this pandemic altered world. Finding happiness with fortitude survives every situation. Sketching the message of bringing colors to life that reflects both strength and hope, ‘Ultimate Gray’ and ‘Illuminating Yellow’ and their pop up matching shades were declared as the universal Pantone Colors 2021.

Comfort living doesn’t always confine to your space of living, it also involves a space that passes on some real sensational energy. While mostly staying indoors during the pandemic, your bathroom space has been your best space providing you complete peace of mind.

Ultimate Gray every day!

The beauty of simplicity lies with the perfect shade of gray. Being the Pantone Color of the year 2021, the eccentric gray color has been the shade of perfection and positivity highlighting the true accent of natural light with a neutral base. Casa Milano with its distinctive ‘Emily’ vanity collection is making elegance remembered by people. The true everyday comfort comes with the ideal mood and with the ‘Emily’ vanity, one can experience the calmness and joy of a refreshed life. The luxury washbasin and mirror cabinet held together with the resin adhesive is a superior choice for life. It is an instant mood booster and undoubtedly the best in the matching shade of ‘Ultimate Gray.’


A life filled with color secrets!

Dive into a sensational place of peace and pride while complementing your mood with bathroom vanity and luxury fittings. Bringing the Pantone Color trend with the evolving designs for the people to relax and enjoy a vibrant bath style, Casa Milano carries forward the trend with its rich “Royal Gold Bathtub.”

Exhibiting power and exhilarating pleasure, this Pantone shade wonder basin is all you need this year to uplift your spirit.

Add vivid style to your bathroom- Tune into Pantone!

Adding a modish look to the entire mood of the bathroom, the sleek and stylish Dexa washbasin mixers are a perfect add on to your personal area. Everyday sneak peeks into the innovative wash style will help renew sensational energy with a revitalizing, unique comfort. Providing a dynamic transformation to the entire interior feel, Dexa from Casa Milano comes with the wear-resistant chrome plating with golden Pantone shade luxury elegance.

Redefine your mood and add on some warm hues with Pantone Color sanitary ware collection this 2021 and say hello to new beginnings!


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