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Enjoy the Sense of Living – Discover Sensor Faucets

March 01, 2021 by Casamilano


Purity is a necessity! In 2020 our lives changed dramatically. The pandemic halted our normal life. ‘Indoor’ was the new door to opportunities. As we still fight to recover from the same, living with hygiene is more important now than ever, and going touch-free is the new normal.

However, It’s easy to redefine life with the greatest secret- Art of touchless significance.

Today, the hygiene of health depends on how we adapt to the changes. Starting every day with a perfect bathroom routine and finding a personal space for peace of mind was always on our hit list. As popping into the bathroom and washing face with a refreshing cold stream of water is the first thing most people do, the rate of getting infected is higher in all ways. Then how to cope up with this everyday crisis?


Admire the Intelligence!

Incorporating the required bathroom standards and selecting the proper materials and sanitary ware is a healthy approach to be followed. Some materials offer sensor-controlled operation with touch-free technology. For the people who are chasing the perfect sanitary ware in Dubai, Casa Milano has turned out to be the first choice bringing masterpieces of hydrotherapeutic wellness. With Mila Automatic Deck Mounted Mixer, Casa Milano has some real luxury features to offer to the people with the most modern designs. The product comes with infra-red sensor activation and a solid brass body.


Enjoy Your Mornings- Your Faucet’s Gonna Sense Your Presence Everyday!

The secret home to the germs is in the bathroom. Found in commonly touched surfaces like the toilet, urinal flush levers, mixer taps, soap dispenser nozzles, the highest risk of contamination remains while washing our hands. Upgrading your personal space with the latest touchless technology has its benefits for a prolonged lifespan with the ultimate protection. The popularity of Sanitary fittings in Dubai took a new turn while redesigning and revamping the entire feel and mood of the bathroom. Casa Milano, one of the best-known sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai had much more to offer with its MCM Electronic Basin tap, a high-end premixing technology powered by the battery.


A calm day every day!

Not all of us rush into the morning routine. Some of us take time to think and plan out our day. From standing in front of the mirror and planning for the entire day or next few hours to brushing teeth and dressing up perfectly, feeling fresh is a luxury. A luxury to be cherished every day and no virus should interfere there. Bring home touchless hygiene and inspire luxury!


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