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What’s Your Fab Friday Find? – Classic Vs Modern Vanity

March 11, 2021 by Casamilano

“Thank Goodness It’s Friday!”

At Least once we all have heard people saying this in their life. But does it mean something more? Happiness is fugitive, boredom is real and Happy Friday is no myth. People putting their minds at ease are escaping to feel good at least one day this week and the weeks to come as you are reading this blog ahead. Modern-day life is full of stress and getting that one day in a week feels like bliss. All we need is to find a place to treat us well. Our Bathroom space is one such sensational place where we can unite with our soul while relaxing and enjoying every moment of our happy lives. However, to make that moment special and colorful we need some extra add ons. Happiness starts with the happiest of reflections. Adding warmth of positivity vanity can do wonders to your bath space.


Not Just a Bath Space but More!

A vast bathroom is not everything, for getting a complete amicable bath or wash space we need that one statement piece which is the real icebreaker. Here comes the special role of vanity. Redefining the space with properly styled fixtures like the HARRY VANITY from Casa Milano has everything to offer from exceptional design to significant lifestyle comfort. An honest personal me- space is always up to date, but should that be only with modern style masterpieces. Not anymore!

Create more magic with the Classics!

When old is the new ‘New’ people are finding their personal space to be spiced up with the classics. The rich hues with the touch of lumber are fabulously eye-catching, making people try this transition from modern to the traditional revamping of the outlook. Bringing the best of sophistication with the traditional style DEVON & DEVON from Casa Milano is a classic choice for the people who still have a heart for a traditional revamping of the space. The old-style vanity collection is a premium choice for the people who visit Casa Milano, one of the best sanitary fittings suppliers in Dubai. With a classic addition like this vanity in your bathroom, you have that refreshing oomph factor for fab Fridays.

Pretty Vague but in the game!

Small pleasures in life do not only come from a vast bathroom, it can also come to you from a calm bath space with a well-chosen pair of bathroom fitting. Vanity is the make and breaks the principle of every bathroom. Keeping up the color standard and current style always, it completely overhauls the look and the feel. The DEVON & DEVON SEASON VANITY is a classy option for the buyers adding versatility to the refinishes.

So just grab your favorite fab Friday product and fill your life with classic awesomeness!

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