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What’s Your Fab Friday Find ?

July 15, 2021 by Casamilano


The pinnacle of Friday’s

Grab your things and get ready for a fun-filled weekend, it’s finally Friday! The weekend is the time to do everything you daydream about at work on those dull weekdays. So stop dreaming and get going!

Luxury unimaginable

Whether you’re heading on an adventurous getaway or a night out, sometimes a long bath is just what you need to get started. To relax, let go and give yourself some ease from a hectic lifestyle. Set up a lavish bath, fit for you with MAISON VALENTINA Bathtubs from CASA MILANO.

Ripple of magnificence

When a design is created exclusively for luxury, it oozes a strong character of uniqueness and glamour. The LAPIAZ BATHTUB by MAISON VALENTINA holds nothing traditional or classical, it exuberates modern design and style with geometrically bending curves. A contemporary bathtub encased in a stainless steel body with a gold-painted tear, this is just what you need for a fabulous weekend. Displaying an intricate way of design, each element and each part is truly one of a kind.

Extravagance at every angle

Maison Valentina holds an array of unimaginable bathtubs and the DIAMOND BATHTUB is no exception. A bathtub encased in a diamond-like design elevates any bath space with luxury and charm. Each face of this magnificent bathtub is created by excellent craftsmanship and intricate shapes while the lines flowing through make the overall design eye-catchy and worth buying. A gold rim around the tub adds to the richness making this design the top masterpiece.

Experience true glamour and luxury with MAISON VALENTINA from CASA MILANO, and have a fabulous Friday!

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