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Celebrate Eid in a Fabulous Way- Get Your Fab Friday Find!

July 22, 2021 by Casamilano



Wake up to a golden state of mind!

The special time of the year is right here and it’s time to make new stories for a lifetime. Also since it’s Friday, one can get no better time than this to hang around with relatives and friends at the same time leaving them wonderstruck. Bathrooms are the much-needed avenue for a perfect start to the day. Washbasins are a true masterpiece that makes your character stand out. And nothing can beat an aesthetically chosen washbasin that goes for sophistication and attention. Make your guests experience the true language of luxury this Eid while bringing a luxurious touch in your bathroom with MAISON VALENTINA. A freestanding washbasin like LAPIAZ contributes to making a bold statement in any bathroom while accentuating a positive vibe with other products. So read ahead and explore what’s next for you!

Vivid Friday!

When you wake up and walk into a bathroom, the ambiance sets your mood for the day. A regular design and basic fittings may be enough to get ready on a daily basis, but what if you could wake up and decide to be the main character every day? Not a dream anymore! In an extraordinary space built just for you, with flush unique fittings made to stand out, you can choose what’s best for your luxurious lifestyle.

A Mastermind’s Creation!

In today’s fast-paced world, where limits are being broken quicker than ever before, the ever-changing status of luxury fluctuates from basic to lavish. The MAISON VALENTINA LAPIAZ WASHBASIN from CASA MILANO communicates only one language: ‘Luxury’. The LAPIAZ WASHBASIN is an intricate piece of an experienced designer and artisan, oozing with the utmost materials and workmanship. Every inch and every corner is one-of-a-kind and beautiful. If anything was designed to be rare and respectable, it would be the MAISON VALENTINA LAPIAZ WASHBASIN. With Stainless steel body, gold tear, and a dashing basin design, no words can describe the complexity and luxury that the MAISON VALENTINA LAPIAZ WASHBASIN holds boldly.

So what’s your Fab Friday Find this Eid? The Lapiaz washbasin surely stuns many, seeking the ultimate prestigious status!   


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